Why is car insurance so expensive?

In the United States, you are mandated to have car insurance. If you don’t have car insurance and a police officer stops you on the road, you will be given a ticket and fined. Or worse, you if you’re involved in a serious automobile accident and held liable, you will have to pay thousands of dollars. One of the reasons why drivers do not purchase car insurance is that it tends to be expensive, and in some driving-obsessed cultures, such as in southern California, car insurance is extremely expensive. First Avenue Insurance, a San Leandro Insurance broker shared with us the most common factors that raise car insurance prices:

  • autoinsurancemoneyThe most obvious factor that affects the price of your car insurance is your driving history. If you have moving violation tickets or have been held liable for one or more automobile accidents, you will be viewed as a high-risk driver, which means the price for insurance will be hiked up.
  • The second factor that usually affects your car insurance is your location. For example, it is expensive to be insured in Los Angeles, California, due to the driving culture and standard traffic jams that impact the city, while having car insurance in an isolated small town in Montana will be cheaper. Prices from state to state will vary and will depend on the levels of traffic, accidents and crime. Each state also manages and enforces automotive laws differently, which can affect car insurance prices.
  • The third most significant factor that affects the pricing of your automobile insurance is your age group. The highest priced age group is younger, teenage drivers, as they have less experience driving. Insurance companies have no proof or records to judge the capabilities of teenage drivers.

Before purchasing car insurance, research different quotes. Although some insurance companies might offer you cheaper rates, they also tend to be less qualified to deal with claims. As in most cases, the price you pay for car insurance will reflect the quality of insurance you get in exchange. You can use car insurance comparison sites to review customers’ comments.  Having an insurance broker on side may help.  Insurance brokers tend to provide a quote from various companies while helping you choose the best to fit your situation.  If you’re in an accident—and almost all drivers are involved in at least one minor accident during their lifetime—you want to feel confident that the insurance company you’re with is offering you the most complete services. Good insurance companies will take care of all details related to your claim within the first week after the accident occurs. They will also make you feel supported through the process and be open to answering all of your questions.

Face the Facelift without the knife only in Orange County

female face with wrinkles on her foreheadWe’ve all thought about a little nip and tuck here and there, but let’s face it most of us fear the cutting sensation associated with most of the surgeries that promise beauty at the end of a very stressful ordeal.

Sure many have gone under the knife or “scalpel” to be correct, but it would take some effort and a willingness to deal with all the issues and problems that we could possibly face, literally.

I knew it would be a matter of time before someone came up with what I called in my mind the “Gorgeous machine”, walk in on one end, and walk out on the other unbruised with a gorgeous look.  With all the injectables, lasers and everything else hitting the market today, I have to say I’m so excited about the latest and greatest new to reach the ever so popular nip/tuck town of Orange County.  This new treatment is called Ultherapy, it’s an ultrasound treatment that rejuvinates the skin creating skin tightening and amazing affects.

These controlled treatments give me the hope of finally going for that facelift without the words surgical associated with it.  Ultherapy has been labeled by skin professionals as the non-surgical facelift.  Of course one would be hesitant even with a non-surgical facelift, but in my case, I think I could find the courage to try something a little less bloody.

Knowing when and whether I’m a good candidate for such a treatment can only be determined by getting a consultation from an Orange County Ultherapy provider in my area and I’m on my way to hopefully looking younger and turning back the time with someone’s help and right before I’m 40 which is right around the corner, I might consider checking out a local Orange County dentist to freshen up my pearly whites!

Ideas on selecting good auto insurance or homeowners insurance policies stress free!

haywardinsuranceFinding the right type of auto or home insurance is never a stress-free process, as the topic itself isn’t exactly thrilling. Nor is auto or home insurance cheap: according to the National Association of Insurance Commission (NAIC), the average cost of car insurance in the U.S. in 2007 was around $800. This, however, depends on where you live: for example, in New York and Florida, you can expect to pay up to $200 more than the national average. Annual home insurance premiums cost even more than car insurance: the national average hovers at around $822, but in states like California, Florida and Texas you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $600 more than the national average each year. So before purchasing home or auto insurance, you should ask yourself basic questions to help guide you in choosing the right type of insurance policy.

For auto insurance, know the different types of auto coverage that are offered by car insurance companies and figure out what makes most sense for your car. A basic rule-of-thumb is: liability coverage is what you probably need to cover costs caused by an accident that you are responsible for. Liability coverage is also mandatory in most states. Beyond liability coverage, additional types of policies include comprehensive coverage, which covers damages to your car that are not results from a car collision. An example might include damages incurred by a tree falling on your car during a hurricane or storm.

Additionally, know what your medical coverage is: your medical insurance may cover certain types of injuries caused in a car accident, so you would not need personal injury protection offered by some car insurance policies. Lastly, research several car insurance companies: What do other clients say about the company? How much does each car insurance company charge for relevant policies? What is the company’s business reputation?

For home insurance, basic topics that you should cover before purchasing a home insurance policy include: knowing your home’s value and what it would cost to replace it; researching the home insurer’s financial stability and record for claims services; and looking for additional discounts that are frequently offered by home insurers. Also, compare home insurance companies, and research no less than three or four local home insurance companies. This will ultimately save you money and time if you ever need to use your home insurance.

One  Hayward insurance agency, knows how stressful it can be when choosing insurance policies for your car or home. As a local insurance company, they offer an insurance quote request online to help you make those hard decisions and fast!

Drive with caution this holiday season warns a leading Hayward Auto Insurance company

December is upon us and everyone is getting ready for the busy Christmas season. December brings more than just Holiday cheer but also cold weather, rain and the stressful pressure of Christmas shopping.

During the Holidays we seem to be more stressed to get everything done in time, this stress puts us at a disposition to rush and drive a little crazy. Combining this with cold, icy weather and rain can lead to more traffic accidents. In fact, some statistics show that accident rates are higher by almost 20% during the winter months.

xmas drivingChallenging driving conditions and longer dark hours can put a strain on drivers who will be out and about for the Holiday season, and don’t forget those long trips to the snow and out of town. Having good and reliable auto insurance coverage can make all the difference this winter.

In addition to reviewing your automobile insurance policy and making all the necessary adjustments, it is smart to talk to your insurance broker for tips to keep you and other drivers safe this season.

A leading Hayward insurance broker warns, first on the list should be proper tire maintenance. Wet leaves, black ice and flooded roads can all play a big part in traffic collisions. Checking thread, tire pressure and general condition, which can affect breaking is a good rule of thumb. In addition, making sure your spare is functional can be a real saver. Check that your lights are all working, headlights, dashboard, hazards and fog lights are all important during the winter and making sure they work can keep you and other drivers safe. Last but not least, make sure that your windshield wipers are up to par and your cleaning fluid is filled. Rain and frost can damage the motor so changing the wipers can make all the difference. Also on the checklist are breaks, anti-freeze fluid and ice-scrapers.

Following these little suggestions can make all the difference in case this winter decides to throw some surprises your way.

How About Christmas on the Beach?, doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of a snow suit!

I would think If I was a child living in a sunny part of town that Santa will never come and visit, my daughter asked yesterday, is Christmas coming?, I said yes, and she very innocently looked at me and said…”But there’s no snow!”, she kind of makes a point, does it really feel like christmas if there’s no snow?, I came across an article that talks about celebrating Christmas on the beach…read more